Various Storage Devices,Types | 2019

Alternatively spoken as digital storage, storage, storage media, or medium, a device is any hardware capable of holding data either quickly or for good. the image shows associate degree example of a Drobo, associate degree external storage device device.

Various Storage Devices,Types | 2019
Various Storage Devices,Types | 2019

There area unit 2 varieties of devices used with computers: a primary storage device, like RAM, and a storage device, like a tough drive. storage device will be removable, internal, or external.

Examples of storage device

Hard drive
Magnetic storage devices

Today, magnetic medium is one in every of the foremost common varieties of storage used with computers. This technology found totally on very massive HDDs or hybrid onerous drives.

  1. Floppy disk
  2. Hard drive
  3. Magnetic strip
  4. SuperDisk
  5. Tape container
  6. Zip disk
  7. CD-ROM

Optical storage devices

Another common storage is optical storage, that uses lasers and lights as its methodology of reading and writing knowledge.

  1. Blu-ray disc
  2. CD-ROM disc
  3. CD-R and compact discW disc.
  4. DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW disc.

Flash memory devices

128 GB SanDisk extremist aptitude USB Flash Drive
Flash memory has replaced most magnetic and optical media because it becomes cheaper as a result of it's the a lot of economical and reliable answer.

  1. USB flash drive, jump drive, or thumb drive.
  2. CF (CompactFlash)
  3. Memory card
  4. MMC
  5. NVMe
  6. SDHC Card
  7. SmartMedia Card
  8. Sony Memory Stick
  9. SD card
  10. SSD
  11. xD-Picture Card

Online and cloud

Storing knowledge on-line and in cloud storage is turning into fashionable as individuals have to be compelled to access their knowledge from over one device.

Cloud storage
Network media

Paper storage

Early computers had no methodology of mistreatment any of the higher than technologies for storing data and had to consider paper. Today, these styles of storage area unit seldom used or found. within the image to the proper is associate degree example of a lady getting into knowledge to a punched card employing a punched card machine.

  • OMR
  • Punch card