what is motherboard and its parts | 2019

Alternatively observed because the mb, mainboard, mboard, mobo, mobd, backplane board, base board, main printed circuit, platelike board, system board, or a logic board on Apple computers. The motherboard could be a computer circuit board that's the inspiration of a laptop, settled on the rear aspect or at the lowest of the pc chassis. It allocates power and permits communication to the C.P.U., RAM, and every one different hardware parts.

what is motherboard and its parts | 2019
what is motherboard and its parts | 2019

Motherboard parts

Below area unit links to pages with additional details for every of the motherboard parts mentioned within the previous section. The links area unit listed in dextral order ranging from the top-left corner of the image. parts not labelled on the image on top of will be found in a very section later during this document.

  1. Expansion slots (PCI specific, PCI, and AGP).
  2. 3-pin case fan connectors.
  3. Back pane connectors.
  4. Heat sink.
  5. 4-pin (P4) power connective.
  6. Inductor.
  7. Capacitor.
  8. CPU socket.
  9. Northbridge.
  10. Screw hole.
  11. Memory slot.
  12. Super I/O.
  13. Floppy affiliation.
  14. ATA / IDE Winchester drive primary affiliation.
  15. 24-pin ATX power provide connective.
  16. Serial ATA connections.
  17. Coin cell battery (CMOS backup battery).
  18. RAID.
  19. System panel connectors.
  20. FWH.
  21. Southbridge.
  22. Serial port connective.
  23. USB headers.
  24. Jumpers.
  25. Integrated circuit.
  26. 1394 headers.
  27. SPDIF.
  28. CD-IN.

Older motherboard parts

The following list contains links to parts that don't seem to be shown within the image on top of or were a part of older laptop motherboards.

  1. BIOS
  2. Bus
  3. Cache memory
  4. Chipset
  5. Diode
  6. Dip switches
  7. Electrolytic
  8. Fuse
  9. Game port and MIDI header.
  10. Internal speaker
  11. Keyboard controller
  12. LCC
  13. Network header
  14. Obsolete enlargement slots: AMR, CNR, EISA, ISA, and VESA.
  15. Obsolete memory slots: SIMM.
  16. Onboard light-emitting diode
  17. Parallel port header
  18. PS/2 header
  19. Resistor
  20. RTC
  21. Serial port header
  22. Screw hole aka mounting hole.
  23. SCSI
  24. Solenoid
  25. Voltage regulator
  26. VRM (voltage regulator module).

Motherboard type factors and kinds

As computers advanced, therefore have motherboards. Below could be a listing of the varied motherboard type factors and extra info regarding every as well as ATX, that is that the commonest.

  1. AT
  2. ATX
  3. Baby AT
  4. BTX
  5. DTX
  6. LPX
  7. Full AT
  8. Full ATX
  9. microATX
  10. NLX

How many connections, ports, or slots area unit on a motherboard?

There is no set normal to what percentage connections, ports, or enlargement slots area unit on a motherboard. the simplest technique of crucial what percentage connections, ports, or slots area unit accessible for your motherboard is to seem up the specifications contained in its documentation. If you have lost or discarded your motherboard's documentation, you'll usually transfer a free PDF version from the manufacturer's web site.

How do I confirm which pc motherboard I have?

How will a motherboard hook up with a laptop case?
A laptop motherboard connects to a personal computer case exploitation standouts. Once it's connected to the case, all the opposite devices connect either to the motherboard itself, or Associate in Nursing inserted enlargement card.

What was the primary motherboard?

The first motherboard is taken into account to be one utilized in the IBM pc, free in 1981. At the time, IBM observed it as a "planar" rather than a motherboard. The IBM pc and therefore the motherboard within it'd set the quality for IBM-compatible hardware going forward.